Syslog on NetApp

Data Ontap has the ability to send system log messages to an industry standard syslog server (see https://library.netapp.com/ecmdocs/ECMP1196979/html/man5/na_syslog.conf.5.html)

To cause your Netapp to start logging to a syslog server named "logs.mycompany.com", you would use the wrfile to (over)write the syslog configuration file, directly from the console; leave a blank line at the end, and use ctrl-c to conclude the edit:

mynetapp> wrfile /vol/vol0/etc/syslog.conf
*.info    /dev/console
*.info    /etc/messages
*.info    @logs.mycompany.com
auth.*    @logs.mycompany.com
cmdsaudit.auditlog    @logs.mycompany.com


(You should then see "syslogd restarted" shortly, when the NetApp detects the config file change.)

The "cmdsaudit.auditlog" line causes all console commands that are entered to also be logged to syslog -- thus, you have a record of who did what, when.

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