Uninstall GDM from Ubuntu 10.x and up

If you just uninstall the desktop packages and/or gdm, you will find that your system will hang upon reboot: it's trying to start a gdm that's not there!

First, this is braindead behaviour from Canonical/Ubuntu.  Uninstalling GDM should obviously clean up after itself, including setting a new default display manager, or if there is none, then change to boot to text mode.

Here's what you have to do *before* you reboot. (else, you boot into a rescueCD):

edit /etc/default/grub, and change this line:

Then, run "sudo update-grub".  (If and only if you are in a rescueCD, then you have to edit /boot/grub/grub.cfg so that the default menu option has init=/bin/bash at the end of the kernel load line; reboot, remount / read-write, run "update-grub", and then reboot.

Failing that (or if you want to be sure), verify that the file /etc/X11/default-display-manger is empty (or the one line is commented out).


(another) Oracle Support Fail

on a 7410C enterprise NAS device (clustered active-active pair)

1. Fail. I asked to be contacted by phone.  Just saw an email in my box. 

2. Fail.  We pay a premium for 4 hour response time; That was exceeded. And I requested SEV1: 3 outages spanning the infrastructure in 24 hours, what more do we need?

3. Uploading two more bundles:
nodeA: on it's way up
nodeB: (the node that is in takeover mode and now not serving data): webUI barely responsive enough to upload a bundle: still building the same bundle. Perhaps someone who knows what they're doing should just log into the bloomin' thing and look at it.  I don't need an alterboy on a distant mountain to look at a dump.  I need the dude with the beard and mustard stain to log in and do the diagnostic work. (I could, but it's supposed to be an appliance, and if I go to the shell, I am warned that any fooling around may void my warranty).

4. Support tech told me that he saw AD problems on the deviceAD configuration is fine, unless the product is broken. See my previous ticket about AD unconfiguring itself. It only ever seems to work on one node of the cluster; that's okay, because we only use CIFS on fs02.

Larry Ellison, all of your stuff stinks on ice.  It did before you acquired Sun, and their stuff did when all the bright egg-heads got too ADD to finish products before they released them.  The only reason people buy Oracle products is because 1) they can throw so much money, time and consultants at their ERP that they can even make this stuff work and compensate for the lousy support; and 2) nobody else has  really given this a serious try to outdo you.  Good luck Salesforce.com: as soon as you establish a reputation for delivering, you'll have an easy job replacing Oracle.

it's hard not to be cynical when the largest, most successful and profitable companies (EMC, CommVault, Symantec, Oracle) decide that the customer is just an annoyance that must helped minimally and at a distance; and if you put up enough barriers, maybe you don't even need to deal with the customer.

Quest Software Web Site Fail

Another one from the file of "I want to give you money, please help me to give you money."

11.     I really want information, quickly, on Bakbone NetVault. The “request a quote” page is completely broken,   http://www.bakbone.com/request_information.php  gives this error:
Microsoft VBScript compilation error '800a0401'
Expected end of statement
/products/request_information/check_request.asp, line 335
City: " & LeadRequest.City & _

22.     So I click through to the another “request more info” page which gives a “not found” error.
33.     The http://www.quest.com/products/request-more-info-landing.aspx?requestdefid=34948 page requires me to log in before I can request more info
44.  Trying to get info through your support site, my login (john_doe@foo.bar.com), required a password reset, but won’t accept my password and won’t let me go past it unless I can get it to accept it.  It does not tell me why it doesn’t like my password, but I used a number of random passwords with no luck..