Macbook Pro fails

  1. Turning the thing on after initial setup. I go to install Firefox.  Firefox opens the first time. ...A dialogue box pops up to "do you want to make Firefox your default browser?"  Immediately, a "tour firefox" box pops up in front of that.  I can't do anything, because the first box must be clicked before the second can be acknowledged.  Can't move either, click on either, etc.  Even though Firefox popped up the dialogues, I blame OS X because I should be able to at least switch windows.  In the end, I could only maximize the main window, which allowed me to click on the "behind" default browser window.
  2. Plug and play fail -- plugged in a Microsoft Natural keyboard. ...OS X failed to detect it correctly.  I have to run through steps to get it to detect it correctly. ...and even then, the ctrl, windows/super, and alt keys are all mixed up.
  3. Keyboard key mapping fail
    1. The "end" key does not move the cursor to the end of a line.
    2. The "windows" key / super key acts as the control key; the control key is something else. 
  4. SMB DFS namespace does not work... finder will open it up, but browsing to a linked folder stalls indefinitely -- no timeout, no error, no ability to navigate DFS. ...Linux has had this capability for a decade or more.

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