Quest Software Web Site Fail

Another one from the file of "I want to give you money, please help me to give you money."

11.     I really want information, quickly, on Bakbone NetVault. The “request a quote” page is completely broken,   http://www.bakbone.com/request_information.php  gives this error:
Microsoft VBScript compilation error '800a0401'
Expected end of statement
/products/request_information/check_request.asp, line 335
City: " & LeadRequest.City & _

22.     So I click through to the another “request more info” page which gives a “not found” error.
33.     The http://www.quest.com/products/request-more-info-landing.aspx?requestdefid=34948 page requires me to log in before I can request more info
44.  Trying to get info through your support site, my login (john_doe@foo.bar.com), required a password reset, but won’t accept my password and won’t let me go past it unless I can get it to accept it.  It does not tell me why it doesn’t like my password, but I used a number of random passwords with no luck..

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