120 VAC Outlet / Plug wiring

First of all, don't follow this -- get a qualified electrician to do your work. Doing it yourself, or using this information, may get you or someone else killed. This is my personal reminder note.

The three slots/holes and their attachment points are:

Silver color screws, this is where your grounded leg {aka neutral} wire goes, this by North America standards should be a white wire, however it can be white or gray. (looking at the front face of an outlet, with the ground on bottom, this is the slot/screw on the left).

Equipment grounding screw, this is where the circuit grounding conductor wire will be attached, this on most general purpose circuits will be a bare wire (although an equipment grounding conductor can be bare or green), this bare or green wire is also connected to a grounding screw on the back of the electrical box (if the electrical box in use is metallic)

Brass color screws, this is where the ungrounded leg [aka hot conductor] wire is attached, the most frequently used wire colors are black & red but can be any color in rainbow but white, gray, bare or green.

Do a smoke-test with something unimportant; don't touch it while testing it. Measure potential between the new ground and a known good ground.

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