Gathering information on Windows Servers

Some of these tools require you to download the Windows (2003) support tools and install them on a Windows XP or 2003 computer that is a member of the domain; download the tools from http://support.microsoft.com/kb/892777 .

  • Remotely get replication info on a Windows server
    • repadmin /showattr ncobj:domain:
  • Remotely get the OS version and SP level of a Windows server (enter on one line)
    • repadmin /showattr ncobj:domain: /filter:"(&(objectCategory=computer)(primaryGroupID=516))" /subtree /atts:operatingSystem,operatingSystemVersion,operatingSystemServicePack
  • Verify DC replication
  • Verify DC configuration of all DCs in a forest:
    • dcdiag /v /e /n:domain_name
  • more to come

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